Hello, I’m Grant (also known as 50 Cent 254).

My intentions in writing this post are not to threaten anyone, or start a rebellion.  I merely want you all to think.  I want each and every Nacho soldier to read this post word for word.  This is an important post to me.  It is likely the last post I will ever make on the Nacho blog.  This is my story.

I am Grant.  I started playing Club Penguin on May 1st, 2007 after my brother introduced me to the game.  I joined under the account name of 50 Cent 254.  At the time I was only 11 years of age.  I enjoyed the virtual world, and was very excited when I purchased my membership.  After purchasing my membership I enjoyed playing games in order to earn coins, designing my igloo, talking to other penguins, and hosting igloo parties.  In the summer of 2007 I discovered numerous Club Penguin fan sites while searching for Club Penguin cheats through google.

I viewed the fan sites regularly admiring their creators for their popularity and fame throughout Club Penguin.  Some of you may remember Paintboy100, Chewit Dude, Dendo Guy, Vital Viper, etc.  I continued to enjoy Club Penguin even after the summer had ended.  I was excited for the mysterious fall fair, the upcoming annual halloween party, new catalogs, and meeting rockhopper.  In late 2007 my brother’s friends attempted to achieve popularity on Club Penguin by making fan sites of their own (one of them was relatively successful).

In January 2008 I decided to go from being a fan of Club Penguin blogs to becoming a blogger myself.  My site gained some attention but nothing that made me famous in the game.  By July 2008 I started to enjoy Club Penguin to a lesser extent.  The parties weren’t as fun as they used to be.  To make it worse my computer started to become glitchy so I began having trouble posting on my fan site.  By late 2008 the problem with my computer was solved.  However, by then I had nearly lost all of my interest in Club Penguin.  I was only posting once a week.  Some of the other bloggers were speculating that I was ready to give it up.  They were right.

In February 2009 I decided to quit blogging.  I wasn’t going to give up Club Penguin completely though.  I wanted to stay in touch with the game to some extent so I decided to start up a Club Penguin army.  I remembered taking part in a few Club Penguin armies as a rogue/noob with a blogger friend of mine in the summer of 2008, and I kind of enjoyed it (I even started up a noob army alliance against Order 67) :DMy army was called CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Army).   Despite my in-experience we achieved some power in the 4 months that we were strong with the loyal members we had.

Some of the noteworthy CPRA members included 77 Hockey, Ashpie (Ace), Donnuh, Generation, etc. In May 2009 I became frustrated with CPRA after a failed merger, and poor battle attendance.  I decided to become more committed to the “Nacho Army of Club Penguin” which I joined 3 months prior (despite being focused on CPRA).  In June 2009 I quit CPRA for good after our so called “advisor” trashed the site.  Over the summer I was an active Nacho member who would attend most of the events, and often ask my superiors for things I could do to help the army.

The Nachos were the perfect army for me.  The Nachos had great leaders in Person1233, Puckley, and Ltshaqcena10 (I don’t consider Aka & Linkin leaders).  The Nachos also had a titanic troop force that was enthusiastic and obedient.  Our chat room was awesome with the perverted character of our troops :D .  During the Nacho golden age we really put on a show.  From our conflicts with ACP to our conflicts with The Monster Force we fought in some classic battles.  That was certainly the peak of the Nacho Army.

Suddenly to my surprise in just a one-week span Aka, Linkin, and Person1233 retired.  This started some arguments but the army remained stable for the time being.  By mid-September it was clear that the new leaders could not match the power of the older leadership.  Conflicts, revolts and controversial decisions emerged.  Nacho legends Person1233 & Shadow2446 decided to shut down the site.  Eventually Aka & his friend Jay took over the army.  Most of us would described their leadership as “awful”.  They were tyrants.  They did not focus on getting the army in shape as they lead the army through fear.

I was fired numerous times for attempting to help out the army, and for questioning the authority of Aka & Jay.  Me, Tomb147, and Videogamer57 assembled a successful rebellion against the leadership of Aka & Jay.  With Person and Shadow’s cooperation the rebellion was successful and considered a new start for the army.  Gamer & King were not professional leaders though they were better than Aka and Jay.  It was hope for the army after a bloody autumn.

I became frustrated with the owner ranks because of their lack of effort.  Gamer’s promise to promote me to Co-Leader never did happen.  Tomb was also irritated.  (Don’t get me wrong there were some fun battles during Gamer’s leadership).  In March 2010 I attempted to rebel against Gamer & Ads which failed.  I was allowed back in the army a few times after negotiating with Ads but that didn’t last long.  In May 2010 I accepted a contract with the Night Warriors.  I trained Night Warriors troops, and participated in battles with them.  However, that was a waste of my time.

In the Summer of 2010 I conspired plans with my friend Tanman626 amongst others hoping to get back into the army.  I was determined to not just become a Nacho again but to revive the Nachos of Club Penguin.  Finally in September I was allowed to re-join the army.  I quickly rose through the rankings becoming one of the three leaders in just 6 weeks!  I was determined to get what I was fighting for.  I had a dream for the Nachos.  Not just to help the army reach another golden age but I invisioned an era in Nacho history even greater than the golden age of 2009.  Unfortunately that did not happen.

The Nachos had three leaders at the time.  TanMan626, Billy Mays, and 50 Cent 254 (me). We were a poor leadership collaboration.  At the time we had all invisioned a different dream for the Nacho army, and assumed that we were going to backstab each other.  A month after my leadership started I was overthrown by Billy & Joker.  Me and Tanner immediately began plotting to overthrow Billy.  It only took a few weeks until we succeeded.  Ever since September the Nacho Army had substantial growth in size but had failed to be consistent, avoid pointless drama, and a cooperative leader force. 

Around Christmas time the Nachos were slacking off.  I was again frustrated because the Nachos I had dreamed of was becoming less and less likely.  I talked to Ads about it so we agreed to use the holiday break as a time for catching up.  In January I conspired a plan with some of our allies, and notable Nacho members that I don’t feel like talking about to this day.  The Nachos, Night Warriors, and our other allies were strong so we figured this plan might work.  After a few weeks as a result of a lack of communication, and ambition the plan was no longer a reality.

In February I was the Co-Leader of the Nacho army.  At the time even I was slacking off.  I threatened Tan a couple of times because I did not favor his leadership techniques.  He became annoyed at me as our friendship was being diminished.  It got to the point where he hired a hacker who attempted to shut down my computer.  After that fiery dispute ended Tanner refused to give me back my Co-Leader position.  What happened next?  I gave up.

Yes.  Even I gave up.  After 16 months of trying to get the Nachos back on track I gave up.  I knew that I would never see the Nacho dream.  I was also too old for Club Penguin anyway.  Today I still go on Nacho chat out of habit.  It’s not like I pay attention to chat much anymore.  I’m always either on Youtube, Facebook, or reading an article while the nacho chat tab is open.  I was thinking about making a comeback playing the role of advisor back in August but that never happened.

You may be asking yourself.  Why did I just read that? I wanted to share my story for a reason.  I want all the troops from the soldier who joined yesterday to Thex who joined more than three years ago to “think”.  Think about why you are in the Nachos, and why you keep coming back.  Think about the dreams you wish to accomplish by the time you retire from the army.  Think about the battles you wish to participate in as a Nacho soldier.  Think about the friends you have made as a Nacho.  Think about the ultimate potential for the Nachos of Club Penguin.

The truth is I was a dreamer.  I dreamed of a strong force that had 400 active members.  I dreamed of an army that was so large it needed to be split into two.  I dreamed of hardcore classic battles that we’ve never seen before.  I dreamed of the Nachos fighting in a game that allowed free speech.  I dreamed of a Club Penguin Army radio show.  I dreamed of a dedicated united force that could not be stopped.  That is what kept me going.  My imagination that had the potential to become reality is what kept me going for so long.

We are all creative so we as humans like to dream.  The bottom line is that all I wanted as a Nacho was to have fun again, and see the troops having fun during battles.  Sure there were a few fun times in 2010 and 2011 but it wasn’t consistent.  If we did have a fun period of time it would last for a few hours then be over.  If we the Nachos ever want to have another golden age we must unite as an army, cooperate, and be committed.  We need to be careful with the leaders we choose.  It takes a good leader in order to get things done.  The three most important qualities in a good leader are: Someone who knows the game,  Someone who is respected greatly, and Someone who is disciplined.

As I was explaining to Tanner a few days ago we don’t come across someone with those qualities that often.  The only Nacho who satisfies all of those qualities is Person1233.  (Note: Shadow is close to fulfilling them all but there were a lot of  troops who opposed what he did).  And hey what should you expect?  The general audience of Club Penguin Armies is ages 8-15.  You rarely come across a child or teenager who is capable of running a business.  Person1233 is someone who knows the game well.  He knows how to strategize.  Person was respected, and loved for his humor and character.  When he retired dozens of members became sad.   Person was a disciplined leader who worked hard.

It really is sad for me to see an army that has had some fantastic times be down for so long.  We haven’t been able to match the fun we used to have for more than 2 years.  It also amazes me how dedicated our core members are.  Many of our members have currently been here for as long as 2-4 years.  Sure our core members go on a temporary break once in a while but they just keep coming back.  Many of us join and don’t return, or join and stay for a few months but then retire.  Those who join and do something spectacular for us are true Nachos.  Those who join and keep coming back are true Nachos.

Also, help the new members have the best time of their lives.  Childhood can be one of the best parts of life because of ignorance.  New recruits may act weird sometimes but they are merely having fun.  Allow them to have fun, and make it exciting for them.  Ignorance is the reason why the first few months in Club Penguin Armies are often the best.

Another thing I enjoy about internet armies (Club Penguin) is that they are relatively secretive and unorganized.  Club Penguin Armies can be fun but have a small fanbase.  Their fanbase is usually only around 500-800, and they are not ruined by media attention.  Not just that but things can be changed in the game, and nobody is ever going to see it all.  Things aren’t always predictable since Club Penguin Armies aren’t like video games.  In video games you don’t have much of a say in what goes on in the game.  You have to play within the boundaries of the game, and by the rules of the game.  In Club Penguin your army can do pretty much whatever it wants which is what I love.

The year is now 2012.  The Nachos have existed in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  I don’t plan on returning though I may play an advisor-like role temporarily.  I will be turning 16 in February so I am far too old for Club Penguin.  However, I still enjoy a good old battle.  In 2012 I want to see the Nachos have fun like they did in 2008, and 2009.  Before the Nachos perish I just want to see them have fun again.  I want to see new troops and old troops Nacho dreams come true. I’m hoping we know what we need to do in order to accomplish that.

I shared my story.  I hope yours will be better. ~Grant



Questions For Christians

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Now that I’ve covered the Atheist FAQ I’m going to ask some questions for the christians out there.

1. If heaven is real then why are you scared of death?

If heaven is real, and christians go there why are they scared of death?  I often hear people say that they don’t want to die, or they are sad when a family member/friend dies.  I generally hear this from christians which is strange.  According to the bible heaven is the best place possible.  If you actually believe this crap you should be celebrating death, and hoping you die soon instead of mourning and being frightened.

2. Why aren’t christians familiar with the bible?

Statistical research shows that less than 10% of professing Christians have ever
read the entire Bible.  Thus, the church as a whole is Biblically illiterate.
Yet, the remaining 90+% somehow feel that they have the right
to foist their beliefs on non-believers even though they don’t know what they’re
talking about!  (Note: this statement was taken from a blog.)

It’s absolutely absurd.  Not just the majority but the vast majority of christians have not read the  bible.  I know numerous christians who have not even read one book of the bible!  However, I don’t have any accurate statistics showing the percentage who have read a book of the bible.  According to christianity god, eternity, and the prophets are so much more important than anything occuring on earth.  If your a christian your supposed to be using your life to praise god.  If christians actually believe this stuff then they are weak.  There doing a terrible job at it.  90% have not read the bible yet most of them think its fine to impose their irrational belief system on the rest of the world.

These statistics show that christians do not care.  They have no interest in what the bible says.  Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve read several books in the bible (more than most christians), and I’m currently in the process of reading the bible front to back.  Most people live for 20,000 or more days yet your typical christian won’t take 120 hours (approximately how long it takes to read the bible) of their precious time to read the so called “great holy book”.  I’m not even part of your religion yet I’ve read more of the bible than most christians.  How weak.

All dogs go to heaven?

Ever have someone tell you that all pets go to heaven?  Especially after a pet dies?  Nothing in the bible says that animals go to heaven.  Christians make this up because they believe what is most comfortable to them.  They don’t care what their holy book says.  They just believe based on the level of comfort.

Why don’t Christians follow their holy book?

Knowing that the bible is the holy book of christianity I never understood why christians don’t take it seriously.  The only parts they take seriously are the 10 commandments, and some of the things just said.  The rest of the bible they are either unfamiliar with, or ignore.  Are you even aware of the laws in Exodus, Leviticus, and Deutoronomy?  The bible says your not supposed to be eating shellfish, or pork.  The women’s job is to please her man. Men are supposed to avoid women when they are on their period.  Christians aren’t supposed to purchase fancy things.   Christians are supposed to be giving 1/10 of their money to the church, Sunday is strictly a day of worship, they are not supposed to have sex before marriage, masturbating is also a sin, lust and anger are defined as murder and adultery.  Note: it is not limited to this.  There are many more.

Yet pork is still popular.  Women continue to get jobs rather than spend that time pleasing their man.  A lot of people still drive automobiles, and live in fancy homes not even putting charitable donations into consideration.  Football is popular on sunday’s.  Christians still have sex before marriage.  All teenage christian boys masturbate.  And of course EVERYONE has anger, and lust.  Wow christians.  How pathetic.

5. Why does your god send people to hell?

This supernatural being created hell for satan, and his demons.  Does anything not happen according to god’s will?  This would mean god is ultimately responsible for everything in the universe including the people sent to hell.  This god (dictator) is capable of avoiding sending people to this cruel place yet does so anyway.  Eternal torture is not love!  If you still think you send yourself to hell then allow me to explain the mafia boss analogy.  A mafia boss puts a gun to your head demanding that you give him $100.  If you do not pay him the $100, and he kills you you did not commite suicide.

6. Why is christianity based off of belief rather than being a good person?

Why wouldn’t god wanted you to know of his existence?  Think about it.  Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to have a religion be based off of doing good to others instead of simply believing something?  I believe that George Clooney exists.  Who cares?  I don’t understand why believing in god qualifies you for heaven.  I’ve been to a hospital before, and I believe hospitals exist.  That does not make me qualified to work in a hospital though.

If your answer to any of these questions is “It must be beyond your understanding.”  If that’s the case then why even bother believing it?  If its beyond your your understanding then you have no reason to assume something.  I could say that god made me an atheist, don’t question his wisdom.  Yeah folks its all bogus.  This post, and the one below it pretty much sum up why believing in a god is irrational.

Atheist FAQ

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Note: I’m willing to talk about religion on xat or through e-mail if you would like to do that.  I’m also open to answering more questions.

1. What is an Atheist?

An Atheist is someone who does not believe a God exists.  We “are not” devil worshipers.  If someone has told you that atheists are devil worshipers they are incorrect.  Atheists don’t believe in the devil just as much as we don’t believe in a god.

2. If your an Atheist then you believe in nothing.

No that is not true.  An atheist is simply someone who rejects the claim of a supernatural being.  I (for example) believe in the vastness of the universe, I believe in the earth and the land it’s made up of, I believe in friends, I believe in family, I believe in love.  I just do not believe in a god.

3. Isn’t the bible proof of god?

A book being written explaining an event does not make that event true.  If that were the case then literature about the tooth fairy would mean the tooth fairy story is real.  And of course believing in the tooth fairy is ludicrous.  If you believe the bible is an accurate source of information you’ll have to explain why.  Evidence can be historical, scientific, or archeological.

4. Why take the risk of being an atheist?  Have you ever thought about if your wrong?  You might end up burning in hell.

That is called pascal’s wager and it is flawed.  First off have you ever thought about what will happen to you if Islam is correct, or Zoroastrianism, or the flying spaghetti monster?  There have been predicted to be 20,000+ religions created over time.  Most of them have different doctrines, different beliefs, and different pathways to truth.  Even some denominations of christianity believe other christians are going to hell.  Second, why lie to someone about your beliefs?  I believe this is the only life I have and I don’t want to lie to people about my beliefs.  Beliefs are important because they inform our actions, and influence other people’s actions.  Third, there’s always the possability of a prankster god.  This god would allow the atheists to go to heaven, and place the theists in hell.  Of course this is very unlikely though it can make theists uncomfortable.

5. If god is not real then who created us?

I’ve encountered someone who’s asked me this question before.  The problem with this statement is that they use the word “created” implying that something or someone must have created us.  A more reasonable question would be “If god is not real then how did we come to exist?”  I do not know the answer to this question, and I don’t think I should be expected to know either.  Is it alright if I do not know?  We live in a gigantic universe, and it’s possible that scientists may never find an answer.  However, scientists are currently working on it.  They have made progress too.

6. Can you prove that god isn’t real?

I cannot.  However, just because I cannot prove that god isn’t real does not mean a god exists.  The same applies for bigfoot.  I don’t know for sure that bigfoot did not exist at a certain period in time.  However, this does not mean bigfoot ever did walk the earth.

7. Why should I trust Scientists?

Scientists are some of the most educated people.  They do not assume something is true before testing it.  They test their hypothesis numerous times, and do not make up results.  Even then they are a long way from having their hypothesis become a theory or fact.  Science has lead to the following inventions: The Automobile, Computer, Television, Modern Roads, Modern Steel, Photography, Telescope, Lightbulb, Renewable Energy, Running Shoes, Green Revolution Products, Airplane, Rocket Ship, Modern Homes, Air Conditioning, Medical Products, and just about anything else related to technology.

8. If there is no god then why are so many people religious?

I think that constant indoctrination from a young age (generally 5 or 6 years old) can lead someone to believe things irrationally.  When your 5 or 6 years old you do not have a mind capable of evaluating the things you are taught.  Eventually you will get older, and belief in a supernatural being who will grant you eternal life will not seem unusual.  The large number of people who believe in the same religion as you will make it seem even more acceptable.  Polls estimate that 78% of the United States is Christian, 90%+ of most Middle Eastern nations are Muslim, and 80% of India is Hindu.  And in some European countries the majority of the population is not affiliated with religion.

9. I don’t believe based on evidence.  I believe based on my faith.

Why is faith a good reason to believe something, and is faith a good way to determine something in any other situation?  It all goes back to evidence because there are other religions (as I’ve explained earlier), and people of all kinds of religions have faith.  Muslims tend to be very religious, some become suicide bombers because they’ve got so much trust in their faith.  Does this make Islam the right religion?  It all goes back to evidence.  Also, would faith work in any other situation besides religion?  Is faith used to determine whether or not someone is guilty in a court of law?  Is faith a good way to go about finding the KFC in Jackson, Mississippi?

10. Where do Atheists get their morals from?

We get our morals from soceity, laws,  how other people act, and how to be social creatures who live a decent life.  For example I do not murder someone because I don’t want someone murdering me.  I also don’t want people thinking poorly of me, and being locked up in a prison for the remainder of my life.  Recent statistics suggest that less religious countries have lower rates of violent crimes (such as Murder, Rape, Assault, etc).  And I don’t think the bible is a good book to get your moral values from either.  The bible has many good messages though it also has some bad ones.  The bad ones include stoning people to death for: being Gay, Wizards/Witches, working on saturday, forcing a women to marry her rapist, eternally torturing someone, and allowing slavery.  Note that not all of the immoral acts in the bible are on my short list.

11. There is no such thing as an Atheist.  God has put faith in everyone’s heart.

O Rly?  Can you prove it?  Atheists reject the claim of a god’s existence the same way that you believe that claim.  I can easily counter that by saying “There’s no such thing as a Christian.  They just say there Christian so they can feel accepted.”  In some cases words are convincing.  If you say your a Christian I’ll believe you the same way that I believe an Atheist when he or she says they are an atheist.

12. What do you think happens when you die?

Evidence suggests that when your brain and heart shut down your life is over.  I think of it as an eternal sleep.  Atheists don’t believe in eternal life.  Most of us believe that when your dead your dead.  You become fertilizer! (Unless you’ve got a good coffin haha.)

13. What is the purpose of life if there is no god?

This is a common philosophical question that is frequently used in debates.  Personally I think the purpose of life is to reach your human potential, and have fun.  Even if there is a god why would you want to live any other way?  Nothing is perfect  though we can all do the best we can.  It’s a shame that religion has made people think that this life is meaningless, and that we should all be looking forward to eternal life instead of being successful and happy in the real world.

14. Should atheists be allowed to make fun of christianity?

I agree with Pat Condell that its fair to give a religion just as much respect as the religion gives you.  Remember that according to christianity non-believers deserve to be tortured for eternity.  However, if you sit down with a christian and have a civil conversation with them they will usually say they don’t think you deserve eternal torture (fun opportunity to mess with them) though they agree with their god.  I think anyone who believes I deserve to be tortured eternally is a bad person though I don’t think the same about them.

15. Religious institutions (such as Christianity) help the poor.

Yes many religious organizations do have benefits for the in-group and often the out-group though it has no tie to the supernatural claims, and does not need to be accomplished by a religious group.  There are many non-religious charities out there.

16. Isn’t Jesus Christ proof of god?

There is no proof for the existence of Jesus Christ.  He was believed to have lived around 0 AD during the Roman Empire.  Even if he did live that does not mean he was a god or a god’s son.  There is no proof of his supposed miracles either.  There is more proof for the existence of Muhammud (who lived in Arabia) than there is of Jesus.  I am currently undecided on whether or not I think the Jesus figure mentioned in the biblical texts was real.  However, I’m sure that there were people named Jesus back then.  As far as gods or prophets I don’t believe in any.

17. Why are atheists so angry?

I was a christian at one time in my life and when I first started listening to atheists they came across to me as angry.  Now that I am one I realize that atheists are normal, and just like other human-beings.  Some atheists come across as angry, some do not.  The point is were all human.

18. I know god exists because I saw him.

I don’t think your a liar though I do think your wrong.  I have thought I’ve seen god before too though now I acknowledge that I was wrong.  The brain is very complexed and can sometimes do things that deceive you.  You don’t even need to be abusing hallucination drugs for your brain to play tricks on you.  There are thousands of people from various religious groups who claim to see god.  However, you never hear about a Hindu seeing the christian god or a christian seeing the Sikh god.  And for whatever reason god is the guy who agrees with your moral values, and your political positions.  For example someone will say they saw god and he said abortion was cruel.  Someone else will say they saw god, and god said abortion is alright.
19. Why should I question my faith?

If you care about whether or not your beliefs are true I would advise you to question your beliefs.  Assuming that most of the theistic readers are Christian I would start out by reading passages of the bible, and finding proof of the existence of a god (and Jesus).  This research will probably strengthen your faith or turn you into an atheist/agnostic.  Its crucial that when you do the research you look for arguments from both sides so you don’t have a bias.  I have read/studied numerous passages of the bible, and even a few books of the bible.  I’m currently in the process of reading the entire bible front to back, and will be done by February.  It amazes me how few christians take the time to read their holy book.

Our Purpose

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I’m making this post so I can tell everyone the puropse of The Renegade.

Most of the people reading this are or were in a CP Army.  And it seems as if pretty much everyone hanging out on Club Penguin army chats has outgrown Club Penguin.  Most of us don’t play the game anymore since it’s juvenile & stupid.  Were all ages 12-16, why are we still playing Club Penguin?  It’s time that we leave those days behind and grow up.  The Renegade has a target audience of ppl 12-16 unlike Club Penguin which is 6-10 -___- 

In a way we’ll still be similar to CP Armies except were abandoning Club Penguin for gaming clans.  We will have gaming clans in TF2, COD, Transformice, Halo, Minecraft, etc.  Each gaming clan will have a leader who will decide when to hold battles/games (Read the Gaming Clans page for more info).  However, you don’t have to participate in a Gaming Clan to be a Renegade member.  Unlike Club Penguin armies were not going to force you to get on a game if you don’t want to.  The point of it is to have fun so we won’t force you to do anything.  We understand that you want to relax on chat, and not have to deal with any BS.

Our chat will be similar to Nacho chat/RPF chat/IW chat.  Really, just nothing offensive such as Sexism or Racism.  Other than that there’s pretty much no organized rules.  Tomb will be working on the chat/site graphics which will hopefully be done before April 3rd.  Me, Hockey & Linkin will be working on the site up until then.  Every Renegade member will get to be modded on chat & a Contributor on the site.  If you make a post as a contributor it will be pending.  If I like your post I might post it.

A post will be made every day.  Posts will be about anything entertaining, that’s how I’d describe it.  Any exciting News, Jokes, FML’s, Sports, etc.  In the future I’m hoping to establish The Renegade some more.  That would include better graphics, more established gaming clans, more members, contests and other fun possabilities. 




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April Fools is the best excuse I can give for not having the site done yet….  Anyway were gonna delay the grand opening until April 3rd.  That’s all I’ve gotta say.

Site Under Construction

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Note: Site opens at 10:00 CST Tonight

The Renegade site is under construction right now.  It’ll be ready for it’s grand opening on Friday April 1st.  Until then Me, Nick & Brendan will be working on the site, chat, and graphics.  Were gonna be the s**t!